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Spooktober Reads | October Wrap-Up

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Hello Book Lovers!

It's so nice to be back giving you an October Wrap-up on-time(ish)! I have been back on the reading grind and I'm excited to share some new books with you that might make it on your TBR list!

The Only Good Indians by: Stephen Graham Jones


This horror novel truly took me through the ringer and I wasn't expecting all the twist and turns that occurred during my reading journey, especially those that made my jaw drop! I was very jittery while reading and was constantly jumping at any creak or unusual sound that occurred in any room that I was in, especially as the book became more and more eerie. This book almost felt like 3 different short stories that were interwoven into one novel and might have been stronger, if I'm being honest, as a collection of short stories, rather than a novel. BUT, I highly enjoyed the last act of this novel, which for me earned this book one more star than I anticipated giving this book, so that should tell you something! This story ended strong and had me still thinking about to this day, I definitely recommend, but be forewarned that this is definitely an acquired taste and you will either really enjoy this or feel unsatisfied. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Girl Like Her by: Talia Hibbert


All I can say is YES, YES,YES Hibbert has done it again people! She truly knows how to write stories that make me believe in love and thriving relationships that can outlast any obstacle. As many of you may know, who have been following my blog for awhile, I am addicted to Talia Hibbert's writing and will quite literally drop anything I'm doing to read anything she releases, yes I am dead serious. There is yet to be a work of fiction that she's written that I haven't enjoyed thus far, and I am close to finishing her full backlist of books! In this particular story, we are introduced to Ruth and Evan, who are both caring and resilient characters who will do anything for the people they care about. Ruth is the town outcast with an addiction to comics and Evan is the new town hottie with a heart of gold and cooking skills to boot! Ruth at first skeptical, begins to allow Evan to see who she really is, insecurities and all, while Evan begins to fall more and more smitten. If you are in the mood for a feel-good love story that will tug at your cold and cynical heart, this is the one for you!

Happy Ever After Playlist by: Abby Jimenez


Where to begin! Clearly I'm in a lovey mood after the back-to-back horror novels I read, but damn this one took me through a roller coaster of emotions that I wasn't quite prepared for, but I will forgive Jimenez, I suppose... Anywho, back to the love, am I right? This story was so achingly sweet that I truly had to make sure that I wasn't going to have a sugar rush! What begins as a story of a lost pup named Tucker sneaking his way into Sloan's lackluster life, unfolds into an epic love story between an upcoming musician and a down-on-her luck artist dealing with past loss. This book does a great job of juggling serious topics, while still maintaining comical and romantic moments that make this novel as great as it is. If you're in the mood for a killer musical playlist and a love story brought to you by an adorable pup, this is the next book for your TBR, you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for your continued support, every single review that you read truly puts a smile to my face every time! I am continually blown away by each and everyone of you, even if it my viewer count is in the single digits, it's great to have people who enjoy my content. You are all truly the best. With that sappiness out of the way, I will leave you with these reviews. Until next time...

Keep it Authentic


p.s. Can you tell I like Schitt's Creek? Also, I don't currently have music in the background, but I am watching Dawson's Creek on the background, so there's that! I cannot believe Pacey has an affair with a TEACHER and we as the audience are expected to just go with it for the sake of entertainment, truly bonkers to me, but hey that's the late 90s am I right?

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