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✿ Mighty-Fine March✿ | March Wrap-Up

Hello Book Lovers!

This month was not only filled with lovely warm weather and sunny skies, but also some incredible books that are sure to get you into a springy mood.

I have been testing out this new format for my blogs and I hope you find them more visually appealing than my previous format, I definitely do! Also, can y'all believe that it's going to be a year since I started Authentically Amy Reads last April 27th! Isn't that absolutely bonkers!

Anyhoo, thank you for being a loyal & patient reader and for following me on this journey that has become so fulfilling for me. Without further ado, here is the March Wrap-Up...

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado


I really wanted this one to be a 5⭐ read, you have no idea, but it just missed the mark a bit for me that made it impossible for me to give it that rating. But, I did relate to Charlie's relationship with her mother and the conversations that they have regarding weight and appearances. Although my mom is nowhere near as harsh or selfish as Charlie's, I can relate to the fact that weight is a difficult conversation to have with my mom and is the one reoccurring argument we have that just goes on and on with no foreseeable end because at the end of the day I'm always going to have a fluctuating weight and I should be loved at all of my different weight stages, regardless of what others may think of it. My weight should be more about health than appearance, period. Charlie is more than her weight as well, she is smart, kind, passionate, and has a gift for finding the perfect bookstores. The only thing about this book that fell short for me was how the characters reacted to each other when it came to conflict. When Amelia and Charlie get into a fight, the way their argument was handled was very out of character for Amelia and made me sad that this was the choice the author made for the main conflict in the book, I would have had the main conflict between Charlie and her mother, which to me was the most important plotline of the book. But, ultimately I think that the representation that this book provides makes up for some of the plotlines I did not prefer.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As everyone should know at this point, I am a huge Talia Hibbert fan-girl and proud of it, so this release was something on my radar since its announcement, if we are being completely honest... And just to cut to the chase, Act Your Age Eve Brown was every bit as magical as I anticipated! Eve, the ultimate people pleaser who only wants people to know that she is more than capable to take on any challenge thrown at her, regardless of who thinks she will fail because she knows that failure is merely a temporary setback and not the final destination. And surprisingly the last person she thought would believe this to be true, is the one person with who she clashes with the most, Jacob Wayne her new demanding boss... who she might have also lightly TAPPED with her car. With their first impressions of each other not being the most ideal these complete opposites soon come to find that they have more in common than they thought through some workplace camaraderie and a little duck run-in at the bed and breakfast they work at. IF your looking for a read that will have you thinking "I hate all men, but when Jacob Wayne breaks into a grin, they might not ALL be bad" then this is the book for you.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman


Ok, I am not going to lie on this blog, mainly because I pride myself on being authentic, but this read is still a bit of a head-scratcher for me. I didn't hate it, BUT I also wouldn't say that I'm dying to re-read it, you know what I mean? I do have to say right off the bat that this book has many trigger warnings, so please be aware of that before you dive into this book. What I did enjoy about this read was that I felt that the way mental health was discussed within the novel felt authentic and raw, there was no romanticization of mental struggles that seem to sometimes be present in literature, which creates an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's also important to note that you will most likely be very confused for the first half of this book, this is normal, everything starts unraveling as you get farther into your book journey. That's why I can't say that I didn't enjoy reading this because I was addicted to find out what would happen next. The plot twists in this novel kept me on my toes and I also enjoyed seeing Eleanor become more aware of the world around her while ultimately learning more about herself. Ultimately, I don't think you should skip this book, it has a unique story and characters that are imperfect and don't always have the right thing to say, but that's real life, which is what made this book memorable.

The Tea Dragon Society by K. O’Neill

⭐⭐⭐⭐ On a completely different wavelength is this lovely graphic novel from the talented K. O'Neill about dragons and the power of tea. If you are looking for something to get you through a tough day with characters that are as cute as they are diverse, you will really enjoy this read. The illustrations were gorgeous with full-color panels that had me transported. You can also read this for free on Hoopla through some select American libraries!

K.O’Neill/ The Tea Dragon Society

Anne of Green Gable: A Graphic Novel by Mariah Mardsen (Adapter), Brenna Thummler ( Illustrations), L.M. Montgomery


Another Hoopla gem is one of my favorite stories that I enjoy when I was in elementary school. I have such a soft spot in my heart for Anne from Green Gable, she shaped me during my formative years showing me the importance of staying honest to yourself and not blending into the crowd with what others expect of you, but to do what brings you joy and fulfillment, whether that be creating expansive imaginary worlds or making your grumpy caretaker smile. The illustrations are gorgeous and brought to you by the wonderful author of the beloved Sheets series Brenna Thummler!

Brenna Thummler/ Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

⭐⭐⭐⭐ It's hard to believe that The Lost Apothecary is Penner's debut novel, the seamless storytelling, and captivating storytelling had me addicted to drives where I could play my audiobook with uninterrupted bliss. The narrators, Lorna Bennett, Lauren Anthony & Lauren Irwin were phenomenal and added to my enjoyment of this story immensely. If you are a fan of Practical Magic or The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, this will be something you will enjoy!

Thank You!


Ok, y'all this is it from me for this month, thank you for being so patient with me and I am so thankful for the time you take out of your day to support this blog, thank you!

Until next time...

♥ Keep it Authentic♥

Amy P.S. I have been pretty busy with work, keeping up Authentically Amy Reads, and reading, in general, to be watching any shows religiously lately, but I have been listening to the playlist that was included in the Act Your Age, Eve Brown Book, it is so bomb! I already loved Nao, but Bad Blood is such a good song that I hadn't heard yet and I have been listening to it non-stop.

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