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Jumpin' For June | June Wrap-Up

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Hello Book Lovers!

I'm back with my monthly update and I have a couple of great books to recommend from this month that is sure to get you out of a reading slump!

If I Never Met You by: Mhairi McFarlane


Where to begin? This love story was definitely one of my favorites; although this was a slow burn romance, it was well worth the wait to see these two together! Laurie was a dynamic character who owned her flaws and knew she was more than her decade-long relationship. McFarlane's inclusion of diverse characters and addressing the impact microaggressions have in the workplace were greatly appreciated. Overall, Jamie made me swoon and his many layers were a thrill to unravel; Laurie made me inspired to tackle any problem with grace and a glass of wine and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Proposal by: Jasmine Guillory


This story was a joy! It was truly a charming read with a diverse cast of characters that all made me smile and laugh throughout. Nikole is a career-driven journalist, who chooses not to get attached in her relationships in order to not get hurt and Carlos, a doctor with a heart-of-gold, has made it his mission to never let down his family after his father's passing, making having a serious relationship an impossibility for Carlos at the moment. What starts out as a relationship built on a friends-with-benefits agreement, slowly develops into an intimate relationship that could blossom into love. I really enjoyed this pairing and their ability to be vulnerable with each other in their times of need.

With the Fire on High by: Elizabeth Acevedo


Acevedo truly knows how to write relatable characters with authentic storylines and embraces the multi-faceted Emoni, as more than just a teen mother, but as an aspiring young chef whois also a proud mother to a two-year old. Emoni always puts her daughter first, but also understands that her future also impacts her daughters and that making decisions that also make her happy are just as important as raising her daughter. Emoni's relationships with the people around her are the heart of the story with no real villains, just misunderstood people with problems of their own to worry about. The descriptions of the food jumped off the page and made me want to run to my kitchen and start cooking up a storm. This story is like a caldo de pollo on a cold day, comforting with a bit of sazón!

Silent Patient by: Alex Michaelides


This thriller truly lived up to the hype that people give it in the book community! With twists and turns in the most unexpected places, leaving you to trust no one in this greek mythology based tale. Michaelides debut novel was intricately weaved with an air of murder mystery deception that had you impressed all the way to the end. No one is innocent, so don't get to comfortable because you may think you know how this ends, but do you actually?

Twilight by: Stephanie Meyer


Ahhh! Reliving my teen years and loving it, is what you need to know about how I felt about reading Twilight again after ten years. I still am a hardcore Team Jacob member, mainly because his sarcasm is everything and you would know this if you read the books (the movie did Jacob dirty when it comes to character development) because man was Jacob a babe in the books. I am super excited about Midnight Sun coming out this August, you best believe I pre-ordered!

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by: Talia Hibbert


I LOVE TALIA HIBBERT!!! Her writing is everything I need right now, with characters that are relatable and authentic, with realistic love life problems that are resolved with healthy and relationship-building communication, everything I need to swoon and believe in love. Dani and Zaf are a couple that are best friends who support each other and genuinely want to build each other up in their personal and professional lives, where do I get Dani's confidence and find myself a Zafir? At least I could track down Legendary Queen from Charlotte Tilbury and I agree with Dani this shade really does make you feel like a badass!

June was a great month for books, and I definitely have strong contenders this month for my top ten books of the year! We will have to wait until the end of the year to find out, until then...


👄Authentically Amy👄

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