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🎉January Jubilee 🎉| January Wrap-Up

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

🎉Hello Book Lovers! Whew, the first month of 2021 is already over? Time is such a crazy concept during this time and I am trying my best to appreciate every moment!

I will apologize in advance because I only read one book this month, BUT it \was fantastic, so I hope you will forgive me.

A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ What a great start to the new year, our first 5 ⭐-RATED BOOK! This book was as delightful as a scenic ride through the English countryside, it is everything I wanted as a young high school teen from a flirty relationship with a cute British boy to getting to stay in a charming bed and breakfast during my stay (honestly who am I kidding? I still want this!). Lila Reyes is a 17-year-old Cuban girl who has just lost her boyfriend, her best friend, and her beloved Abuela all in a matter of months and is not sure how to make everything just go back to normal. With her family having her best interest in mind, they send Lila to Winchester to stay at her aunt's bed and breakfast for a change of pace, and what starts out as a punishment in Lila's mind becomes an adventure of a lifetime. When she meets Orion, the cute tea delivery boy whose family owns a tea shop down the road, she begins to feel more like herself day by day and shares her Cuban culture with her new British friends. From working in her aunt's bed and breakfast as an assistant baker to going to concerts with Orion and her new friends this book was everything I could ever want and more!

How do I get a free trip to Winchester, England? If you know please contact me stat!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for being a source of support throughout the hot mess of a year that 2020 was. I hope that I was a little bit of light during such a challenging year for so many of us worldwide, as you all have been for me! Also, I needed to mention how crazy it is that I started out the year with a Latina protagonist and writer same as last year. I thought that was so cool because it was not intentional in the least. Anyhoo, I can't wait to get back to you in February!

Until next time... ♥ Keep it Authentic ♥ Amy P.S. I finished Legend of Korra and I didn't love it as much as ATLA, but it was still well worth the watch. The ending left a lot to be desired, but I really like the direction they took overall with LOK. Also Animal Crossing Update I now have a house and am in the process of getting a 2 room added, wish me luck!

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