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Lifestyle Corner | Tie-Dye Trend

Recently, I have seen the explosion of Tie-Dye everywhere! My sister, Kimmy, was the first one to tell me about the tie-dye sweatsuit trend and every since I have seen it on celebrities, Youtubers and even dogs. Ok, maybe not the dog part, but it's possible! Because of this, my sister and I decided to take a trip down rainbow valley and get us some tie-dye clothing and let me tell you, those stinkers are expensive. Some of these boutiques were selling these sweatsuits for $150 and up! We went on Etsy to see if there were more realistic options for us to purchase and decided to buy sweatsuits from two different sellers. We wanted to compare and contrast the quality of the clothing, and the overall customer service of each sweatsuit to see what the differences in price came down to. I went with Desert Dyes, a Utah-based shop that makes custom tie-dye apparel with an eco-conscious mission, while Kimmy went with KreativeKatDesign, a newcomer on Etsy with single color dyes in super-cute shades.

Kimmy's came in a full two weeks before mine and had me envious at how comfy it looked. The stand-out item was the sweatpants for sure, they were better than mine, especially because of the butt pocket! If you're interested in this sweatsuit be sure to check out this sellers shop, KreativeKatsDesignCo, or her IG @KreativeKatsDesign. Be sure to support shops, such as this one, that may be impacted by COVID-19.

Up next, was my sweatsuit from Desert Dyes and it came out exactly how I wanted it to!

I felt like a total space babe in this sweatsuit, and paired it with some space buns to complete the look. The shipping took a bit longer than my sister's, but I understand the reason for the delay being outside of my seller's control. Lo, the shop owner, was super helpful with any questions I had and allowed me to choose different sizing for my hoodie and my sweatpants. Her shop has been getting a lot of order, so be sure to follow her on Instagram, @DesertDyes, if you want to get your hands on one of these suits!

With all this being said, we love our suits and appreciate all the hard work our Etsy sellers put into making such cozy & cute attire! Kimmy and I will also be attempting to create our own tie-dye sweatsuits with supplies we purchased on Amazon, keep a lookout for that post!

Until then,

Keep it Authentic

-Amy ♥️

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